Beat the dryness

Beat the dryness

Skin truths

During the summer, your skin is exposed to a lot of harmful rays and pollution. Due to the constant change in weather this year, it’s hard to probably stay in and do your daily activities. Here are some tips to protect your skin from drying this summer:

Use the right soap: While the fragrance of the soap is what one might look out for in a soap, it’s important that you choose one that suits your skin. Some of the heavily scented ones might be stripping your skin’s oil, aiding and adding to your drying-out process. So try to get in rich, foam soaps that are milder, fragrant-free ones.

Start healthy: Before you step out for your day, mix one egg yolk with a teaspoon of orange juice, a teaspoon of olive oil, few drops of rose water and lime juice. Apply this on your face for 15 minutes before your bath.

Don’t over dry: When you dry your skin, don’t rub your face. Always pat dry your skin with a gentle touch. Leave the skin slightly damp and when applying moisturiser, it’ll help seal in the extra moisture left on the skin.

 Keep it hydrated: It’s best to hydrate your skin with intensive masques at least twice a week. Most importantly, drink plenty of water in a day.

Use sunscreen: Always keep a bottle of sunscreen in your bag while going out. But if you’re over-exposed and have a skin burn, apply cooling balms or ice to the affected area.

Avoid air conditioner: While it’s everyone’s wish to stay in a place with air conditioning, it can suck up all the moisture from your skin. This dries your skin and therefore makes it worse.

Use face packs: There are plenty of natural and fruity face packs available in the market. You can also make a few homemade ones with fresh fruits and vegetables.

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