Away from the arc lights

Away from the arc lights

My perfect weekend

Away from the arc lights

Yash, Actor

To be honest, I never believed in the concept of a weekend until 2 years ago, when I decided to go slow on work at least over the weekend and spare some time for myself.

My work schedules are pretty tight, leaving me with very little time for anything else, but somewhere I realised that it is important to spend time doing things that I don’t get to do on a regular day.

I was someone who never depended on a holiday or a weekend to relax. Relaxing meant only work and more work for me. But slowly this concept is changing. The weekend is also a time when I engage in learning different aspects of filmmaking.

It is said that time waits for no one and I get a phobia when I see the clock. I have, as a part of my work, jumped off a 24-storey building and done some risky stunts but whenever I see the seconds’ hand of a clock moving swiftly, I feel time is running out and I mustn’t waste it.

Weekends are also when I get to spend some quality time with my sister Nandini’s son Chirag. He’s 2-years-old and has so much energy that in his company I not only feel relaxed but also become a child (I think we all do when we are around children).

I am a big foodie but I have cut down on a lot of dishes that I like, just to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, once in a while, I throw all my restrictions to the wind, especially when it comes to my mother Pushpa’s cooking. She makes my favourite chicken-based dishes and her preparations like ‘kheema’, ‘gulab jamuns’ and other sweets are something to die for.

I am not too fond of exercising because I find it pretty boring. But my work requires that I stay fit and adhere to a gym routine. I don’t believe that actors look good only if they sport a 6-pack or a chiselled body.

My idea of fitness is to be disciplined at what I am doing and keep at it. I have a full-fledged gym on the top floor of my house and a personal trainer. We work together every morning and if I am shooting, I make it a point to go the gym in the hotel where I am staying.

I grew up in Mysuru and did my schooling and college there. On some weekends, I drive to Mysuru and spend time with my close friends who have been with me since childhood. They are simple people. One of them is a cab driver, another is in the poultry business, one owns a pet shop and then there are also a few who are in the hotel industry.

I also spend some weekends attending functions organised by my fans. I am overwhelmed by the affection I get from them. I was recently shocked to find some of my fans tattooing my face on their chest. I can never thank them enough but I always tell them that I would never let them down. I always tell my fans to give up bad habits and indulge in good deeds that would help their families.

Music is a big part of my life and I sometimes sing along as well. However, the kind of songs I listen to are very mood-based. When I am feeling low, I listen to peppy numbers that can cheer me up. I don’t have a list of favourite books but I read any piece of good literature.

I also set apart sometime everyday, thinking about my career and analysing my work and this habit spills into the weekends as well.

(As told to Nina C George)