Rediscovering the joy

Rediscovering the joy

Interactive sessions

Rediscovering the joy

It’s said that ‘marriage is an adventure’, but very often with one’s busy schedule, the ‘adventure’ takes a backseat. Even if there is time, couples would rather rest at home. And given the weather and traffic that the city experiences, going out has become a question mark.

In order to break this monotony and bring back that spark in their lives, Siddharth and Rhea Mukherjee started a community called ‘Couple of Us’ exclusively for married couples.

Siddharth says, “When Rhea and I got married, we felt like we weren’t doing enough fun activities like we used to when we were dating, or when we were single. We couldn’t really figure out why, other than the additional responsibilities that came along. But we wanted to break that monotony and pick up where we left. And we realised that there will be other couples who face the same issue, so we started this community.”

This 3-and-a-half-month startup invites couples from around the city for a fun weekend with interactive sessions for them. With not more than 8 couples at a time, the group’s intention is to keep things lively and fun for them during the weekends.

Rhea says, “We’ve hosted 14 events so far and it’s been great till now. We’ve organised events like improv sessions, cookouts, wine pairing sessions and even game nights.”

The couples who are interested in being a part of a unique weekend have to register themselves on the website. Having listed their likes and dislikes, they are then evaluated and sent an invitation for the weekend programme.

“We encourage couples to come together as it's about them spending time together without their children. We think they deserve some time alone and also meet other like-minded people at the same time,” Siddharth explains.

Rhea says, “We want to look into doing something on a weekday as many couples tend to have more time then. We are still figuring that part out.”

While it seems like an easy registration process, there’s a waiting list. So don’t be alarmed if you don’t get the invitation immediately. They have also tied up with various vendors in the city in order to host certain programmes. The events for the month are planned in advance and the couples who choose to take part can register for them.

Rhea says, “Our experiences vary from intimate gatherings and private performances to personalised expeditions for the couples. There have been so many instances where the couple has learnt new things about each other through these experiences. From exciting escapades to sun-kissed picnics, we want to bring out everything that the city has to offer.”

As this idea is conceptualised only in Bengaluru now, they hope to expand to metropolitan cities like Pune, Mumbai and Delhi.