The sweet taste of success

The sweet taste of success

The sweet taste of success

Class 10 (ICSE)

Hruthik VS
Cambridge Public School

I never expected to get such good marks,” says a delighted Hruthik. “This despite the fact that I did not go for  tuitions. I never had a fixed time period for studying, I just made sure I completed my daily portions. However, it has been my policy to not study at night. Even during exams, I have not studied beyond 9 pm.”

His father, Srinivasappa, is delighted. “He has achieved this through hard work and commitment. His mother and I work so we didn’t really have much time to guide him. But we have always been encouraging and have never put pressure on him for anything.” Hruthik is grateful to his parents as well as his teachers for helping him achieve this feat. When asked about tips for the next batch, he says “The most important thing is not to have too much tension. One has to be confident about themselves. Also, studying inside the exam hall just minutes before the exam doesn’t help at all. It only increases the tension.” Hruthik plans to take up engineering after school and intends to start preparing for IIT entrance exams.ICSE- 10th

Prerana Das (97.8%)
Presidency School

Prerana comes across as calm and composed even during her moment of euphoria. “I want to thank my school first. The principal and the teachers were very approachable and always helped me with my doubts. And also, my parents who made this possible.” Prerana followed a rigorous daily schedule which included 4 hours of study during school days. During study holidays, it was more. “I studied from 6:30 am till 12:30 pm where I would break for lunch. After some rest, I studied again till 10:30 pm.”

Her mother, Saguna Das, is ecstatic and attributes the success to prayers as well as fantastic support from the school. “We moved to Bengaluru when Prerana was in 3rd standard. No school was willing to accept her as she suffers from leukemia. Finally Presidency School received her and we are grateful for that. My daughter has proved herself with this achievement.”

Prerana stresses on the importance of having a proper timetable while studying. “It is also important to go through the previous years’ question banks and cover all portions in the textbook.” She plans to pursue medicine.

Prathiksh KT
Chinmaya Vidyalaya

I am elated and have no words to express myself. I was expecting above 95% but never thought I would score so much and be one of the toppers. My school and my teachers were very supportive. I am going to celebrate with my family.

 As for the future, I want to pursue pure science. Theoritical physics is my area. I would like to advise other students to focus on their studies and follow what their teachers tell them.” His father, Thirumalesha, adds, “He studied for about 4 to 5 hours daily with frequent breaks.

He didn’t compromise on any extracurricular activity. He wants to pursue  pure science at the Indian Institute of Science. He has also cleared the first stage of National Talent Search Examination. His second preference is IIT.”

Samkith K Jain
Bethany High School
I was expecting this result. I didn’t prepare anything specially for these examinations. I just saw to it that I had my basics correct. I didn’t study everyday as well. I am a very moody person so studied only when I felt like. I want to pursue my computer science in the future. I thank my school and my coaching institute for guiding me throughout.” Kishore, an emotional father says, “I have no words to talk about my son. I am very emotional right now. He was very studious and it is all only his effort. It is a stepping stone in his life.”

Shreya Roy, class 12
Sophia High School (Arts)
"An elated Shreya says, “I was expecting this result. I cut off from social media and was determined that I would only studied. I would focus more on weekend because I had more time. I am intereste din vocal training and wanted to start but then decided that it would be better if I start vocal training after 12th. I want ot become a filmmaker or a producer. Right now, I am attending a lot of calls from family and friends.” Her mother, Gloria says, “She was a very dedicated student. It was not that she was a bookworm but she was very devoted while studying. She didn’t get distracted very easily. I am very proud of her.”

Shreyas Anand Kudari
Cambridge Public School

Even when he didn’t score well in the pre-board examinations. Shreyas remained confident and believed in himself. All the hard work has paid off and he couldn’t be happier. “It is important to study everyday and have a fixed schedule. I wake up at 5.30 am everyday and study till 7 am. After coming back from school, I set some time aside for extra-curricular activities like music and skateboarding. In the evenings, I study again from 7 pm to 9 pm,” he says.

His mother, Asha Kudari, is justifiably proud of her son. “He has always been consistent in his studies. We have encouraged him to focus more on learning the concepts soundly rather than just scoring marks. We also motivated him to study on his own rather than go for tuitions.”

Mukund B
Bishop Cotton Boys' School
I am very happy with the marks I got but I still feel I could have done better,” says Mukund. “My mantra has been to remain calm and not strain too much. I don’t study a lot during the study holidays but make it a point to devote time for academic work throughout the year.”

His father, Sushil Kumar Bhuwalka, is restrained in expressing his happiness. He laughs and says, “I am used to it. I was actually expecting him to top in the entire state. And the achievement is attributable to Mukund’s efforts and hard work. He has always been a studious child and his mother also helped him in preparing for the exams.”

Mukund expresses his gratitude towards his parents and his teachers for guiding him. “I would like to specially thank my teachers as they helped me understand the concepts very well.”