Jemima getting even with Imran on Twitter?

Jemima getting even with Imran on Twitter?

"My son, aged three, was playing with a one-armed action man. 'What happened to him?' I asked. 'Abba said he had been stealing so it was cut off,'" tweeted Jemima a few days ago.
Though Jemima still retains the 'Khan' surname and maintains cordial relations with Imran, she seems to be finally seeing her ex in a new light.

"Churchill said 'A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.' That's my entire family (and my ex-husband)," her latest tweet read.
A fellow Twitter user Sufyan Arshad replied, "To some extent IK (Imran Khan) is that sort of person but Qasim, Salman and (still you) matter a lot for him!"

To this, Jemima sought to make light of the matter, saying, "That was meant entirely fondly. In fact, trying to convince him to start ready steady ranting on Twitter."    
Jemima, who lives with her two sons Salman, 11, and Qasim, 9, in London, has also been closely monitoring developments in Pakistan.

She is currently working on a book on Pakistan, where she lived for nine years with her husband and sons.

According to Jemima's literary agent, she revisits the country she got to know in the 1990s in the book, undertaking a journey that begins in Lahore, moves north to Peshawar and Islamabad before heading down to Karachi.
Since her split with Imran, Jemima has reportedly dated actor Hugh Grant and cricketer Shane Warne.

Her ex-husband too has not ruled out remarriage in the future.
Jemima's tweets are usually loaded with meaning: 'Pogonophilia – a love of beards'; 'Distinguished looking: ugly with money?'; 'Osama bin Laden – 17th of approximately 50 siblings. Typical middle child?'
Though she is relatively new to Twitter, she is being followed by over 300 users and shares good vibes with Fatima Bhutto, the niece of slain former Pakistani premier Benazir Bhutto.

"A Kakistocracy – a system of government in which the rulers are the least competent, least qualified or most uncivilised citizens," Jemima tweeted.
Fatima replied, "Extraordinarily so. Does this country you speak of also dabble in dynastocracies? Doesn't that sound like a bad dinosaur's name?"
Incidentally, Fatima is the only well-known Pakistani that Jemima is following on Twitter.
Jemima has also made it known that she feels for Pakistan and for Muslims across the world.

"'Droning'- 3 attacks a week in Pakistan," she tweeted, providing a link to a story which stated that "the age of the killer robot isn't a sci-fi fantasy any more".
In another tweet, she publicised a free British Council event on "Europe is failing its Muslims".

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