Shake off the heat!

Shake off the heat!

Snack time

Shake off the heat!

Yummy milkshakes, melt-in-your-mouth sandwiches, groovy indie music and hours of Jenga and Uno all under one roof! Sounds too good to be true? ‘Shake It Off’ in Jayanagar offers all this and more.

It is a milkshake bar with over 15 different flavours including favourites like ‘Oreo’ and ‘Kit Kat’ milkshake. They also have some out-of-the-box milkshakes that give a nice change to one’s tastebuds. Anil Paremal and Nishant Tripathi, the owners of ‘Shake it Off’, started the place 2 months back. “We initially started off with the idea for a sandwich shop, but later decided to go with milkshakes. We do have sandwiches as well,” says Anil. Their sandwiches, called ‘sammiches’, are limited in variety and act more as an accompaniment to the milkshakes than a standalone snack by themselves.

Apart from the Kit Kat and Oreo milkshakes, they also have quirky ones like ‘Nutorious B.I.G.’, a peanut butter and banana milkshake, and ‘Mentic’, a blend of Mentos and Tic Tac.  

‘Bubba Bubba’, a bubblegum flavoured milkshake, is a unique take on the milkshake and a delight for those with a sweet tooth. Chocolate lovers can try the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ milkshake, with its crunchy texture comprising broken pieces of Gems. The ‘St. Patrick’ is another fun drink with a subtle minty aftertaste. If you’re in a large group, don’t forget to ask for the ‘achaar shots’.

If you prefer food low on spices, the ‘Paneer Cheese Melt’ sammich is for you but if you like your food spicy and tangy, the Mexican Grilled Cheese is the one to try. Other sammiches on the menu include the ‘Tomato and Basil’ and ‘Mushroom Cheese Melt’.  This is a great place to relax as they have games to pass the time. From Uno and Jenga to the ‘desi’ version of Cards Against Humanity, one is spoilt for choice.

The graffiti on the walls and tables adds funk to this tiny joint. Personalities like Charlie Chaplin and Bob Marley adorn the scrapwood tables. A good mix of fun, indie and pop music livens up the place. Head to this pocket-friendly hangout and beat the heat with their delicious menu. ‘Shake It Off’ is located at 2, 1478/1, 18th main, 40th cross, 4th ‘T’ block, Jayanagar. For details, call 49653275.