Road worker wins 1 million pound, returns to work next day

Road worker wins 1 million pound, returns to work next day

Road worker wins 1 million pound, returns to work next day

A lucky 25-year-old road-worker in the UK who became a millionaire after winning 1 million pound on a 5-pound lottery refused to give up his job and returned to work the next day.

Carl Crook, a resident of Manchester city, broke down in tears of joy and excitement after winning the jackpot on Thursday when he went inside a local shop to buy a drink and a scratch card.

The father-of-two said he will not "blow" the money and carry on doing his 12 hours shift, but will give up the overtime.

"I just kept thinking to myself 'why am I here?' But I do enjoy my job, the company I work for and the people I work with. I've already spoken to my boss about having next week off so I can let things settle down. I will be staying on at work but without overtime," Crook said.

"The 1 million pound might go but we want to at least spend it on making memories instead of spending it on rubbish. We are not going to blow it," Crook said.

The civil engineering worker said he wanted to spend the money on an Audi RS7, a new home and a Safari in Africa for his honeymoon with fiancee Samantha.

"We are going to go on holiday this summer and to Lapland at Christmas. I would love to take the family to Florida and we might do that next year," Crook was quoted as saying by the 'Manchester Evening News'.

"I'm looking at getting a really nice car. I've always wanted an Audi RS7... Myself and Samantha got engaged last year and we want to get married this year and then go on a Safari tour in Africa for our honeymoon," he said.

Crook, who was seen celebrating wildly after winning the money, said he won the jackpot despite only gambling "once in a blue moon".

"It's only once in a blue moon that I buy a scratch card but I had a feeling that day and decided to have one more go" Crook said.

"I asked the shopkeeper for a 10 pound scratch card but he said he didn't have any and only had the 5 pound ones. I was scratching the numbers off and knew I had at least won my money back or got a tenner," he said.