Fitness key to Kohli's success

Fitness key to Kohli's success

2012 IPL the turning point for star batsman

Fitness key to Kohli's success

The supreme fitness of Virat Kohli has soared him to rare heights, but there was a time when the Indian Test captain didn’t pay much heed to his body. In fact, it was only after 2012 IPL that Kohli said he made a conscious decision to change his lifestyle because he didn’t wish to end up as an average player.  

The Delhi cricketer said adopting a healthy lifestyle instilled in him the belief to achieve anything.

“When you become fit, you feel you can do anything. It changed my life 360 degrees. I never thought I could do everything I have been able to do today. It all comes down to how you are feeling physically. That is when the belief factor also comes in,” said Kohli at the launch of Stepathlon Kids, a company focused on the health and wellness of next generation, on Tuesday.

“It was only after IPL in 2012 that I began to focus on my physical aspect. Before that I wasn’t as fit, I never got into the minute details of fitness; things like what I need to eat from morning to night, how much I need to train. I never listened to my body before.”

The 27-year-old, who would be leading the side in West Indies next month, said his improved fitness levels added to his performance, too.

“To give you an example, I was never a quick fielder. I was never willing to field in every position. Being physically fit made me feel light and  gave me the belief that I can compete against anyone and face any bowler.”

“It was a choice I made because I realised that to achieve high standards I need to make changes in my lifestyle. I wanted to explore a new side of my body to take me to the next level because I never wanted to be average. Even on my off time, I never eat unhealthy, I look forward to my training. It has become my second nature.”