By fits and starts

 In Shakespearean times they would have said he is a humourous fellow meaning by that he is subject to humours in the body. What makes us steady is to have an ideal, a goal towards which we strive. If the goal were certain and attainable and at the same time attractive, we would reach for it with enthusiasm. Heaven is a goal set before us by all religions.
But what is heaven? I suggest an answer. It is to be with God forever and to be happy beyond measure. God has created me for heaven, that I may enjoy a life of eternal happiness and bliss with him. Popular imagination, however, has painted it out with images taken from this world whereas the truth is: it is beyond our imagination. Saints and mystics who have been given a foretaste of it in their mystical experiences have expressed their inability to describe it adequately e.g., St. Paul in the Second Letter to the Corinthians says he was taken up into the third heavens and heard such beautiful things that he cannot repeat (Cf. II Cor 12.2-4).

World religions have their own descriptions and expectations of heaven. If asked where it is, most would be unable to explain where it is or say in such a roundabout fashion that we are left groping in the dark.

The simple way of saying and what seems to be amenable to our human intellect is to say: heaven is not a place understood in the normal sense but a state. It is the state of being with God in an intimate relationship that opens out for us in the next life a vision of extraordinary beauty whereby we see the whole universe with new eyes and new spirit.
In fact heaven is where God is and is it not true that God is everywhere? So logically we should say that heaven is everywhere. If it is everywhere, then why do I not see it? Because it is in a new dimension, the dimension of invisibility.

Besides the four dimensions of length, breadth, depth, time & space (Einstein's discovery) should we not say that there is perhaps a fifth dimension to reality the invisible world? But this fifth dimension though it envelopes us all around, we can enter it only after our biological death. There I will see God in every plant, tree, animal, stone, river, mountain and other human faces because God would be "all in all" (Cf. I Corinthians 15.28). But the man who constantly seeks God and does good to all, keeps no hatred and loves all, the whole universe and all in them and in the distant galaxies, in fact the whole of creation will be open to this man who lives a life of harmony and rta.
His life of love will enable him to enjoy a foretaste of heaven which God would grant him already now. The fullness, however, would be when he enters the fifth dimension we mentioned above. May the good God grant it to all of us.

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