Hydraulic failure may have caused plane crash

Hydraulic failure may have caused plane crash

Kiran MK-II trainer old and not maintained properly

Hydraulic failure may have caused plane crash

The mangled remains of the plane that crashed into a building in Hyderabad on Wednesday. AP

However, they were willing to speculate on condition of anonymity that a hydraulic failure in the Kiran MK-II plane could be the most likely cause for the crash.

The officials hinted that the aircraft had become “old” and was “not maintained properly” which could have led to the crash.

One of the four aircraft that was part of the aerobatics team participating in the inauguration of the India Aviation 2010 air show at the Begumpet airport here on Wednesday was unable to pull up from a dive.

It spun out of control after the four planes broke away in Y pattern, going in different directions.

The plane crashed into a building in the thickly populated Old Bowenpally locality near the airport. Its impact was lessened as it first hit a mobile phone tower on the three-storied building and then crashed into the building destroying the third floor completely.
Four persons in the building  were injured and are out of danger now. While body parts of the pilot were found scattered around the building, the co-pilot who ejected but whose parachute did not open, crashed in an open area barely a few kilometres from the building.

A half opened parachute and some smashed body parts were collected from the area by officials.

Poor maintenance

Aviation officials here maintain that the failure of the parachute to open was a clear indication of the poor maintenance of the aircraft since these aircraft’s parachutes are designed to open up even at low levels.

The two-seater Kiran MK-IIs that are produced by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited are used by the Indian Air Force for training pilots.

Although a decision had been taken to replace Kiran MK-IIs with HJT 36 planes it was not implemented for various reasons. Defence officials visited the scene of the crash at  Bowenpally as part of the probe ordered by the Defence Ministry. They said there would have been more casualties if the aircraft had travelled after crashing in to the building.
The building has been cordoned off even as the plane wreckage was towed away. A case under the Aircraft Act 1934 was also registered by the police at the Bowenpally police station on Thursday.

Municipal authorities are planning to demolish the building as its weakened structure is a threat to nearby houses.

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