LifeSize says Logitech buy to spur spread

“Logitech has been the largest webcam maker and had been present in retail and consumer markets,” said LifeSize Communications CEO & Co-Founder Craig Malloy.
“By acquiring LifeSize, we can now utilise Logitech’s global presence to serve mid-size companies and price sensitive markets like India,” Malloy, told Deccan Herald.

Founded in 2003, LifeSize had been the first to offer High-Definition video communication solutions in 2005. Since then, the company has shipped 30,000 video conferencing solutions — including customer premises infrastructure such as multi-point controlling units, control and management software, IP and ISDN gateways and end-point produts — to nearly 9,000 companies across the globe.

Starting with larger, conference room-type video communication solution, the company expanded its range to smaller, yet compelling HD solutions such as LifeSize Passport, which provides higher quality of experience and clarity and ease of use for just US$2500.
“With right kind of price and size, ease of use, quality and reliability, which has been provided through much improved technology, video conferencing has become a compelling solution. During recession many of our customers told us that video conferencing was the only item they have on their IT budget since it helped them slash their travel expenditure.”

The pervasiveness of video technology through platforms like YouTube and Flip Camera, Skype, Apple iChat, Google Talk etc have made organisations look at video communication as best mode of connectivity between branches and businesses across geographies, he added.

“Despite those providing managed services and hosted services (such as Cable and Wireless, Cisco WebEx etc), we still can have a niche for ourselves in video communications market,” Malloy claimed, observing “you still need devices for conference room connectivity and — through smaller devices such as LifeSize Passport —  we hope to appeal to a wide array of businesses. This is critical to widen our footprint in the most price sensitive developing markets such as India.”

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