Wind beneath her wings

Wind beneath her wings

Wind beneath her wings
With the kind of schedule that I have, it’s not always possible to get weekends off. Hence, I consider any two days that I get off as my weekend. However, this doesn’t always happen.

Whenever I am not working on Saturday and Sunday, I make sure that I unwind. I wake up around 12.30 pm and have brunch around 2 pm. I then head to the gym and relax a little after returning home. The rest of the day usually proceeds with making plans with my friends and we’re back to almost the same schedule the next day.

We usually plan a short trip to Lonavla or Aamby Valley City if we have the time. Otherwise, we plan something within the city and spend time with each other. It usually involves travelling within the city, finding a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner, hanging out at a lounge or meeting at a friend’s place. We prefer to find a private space so that all of us get to be ourselves around each other. That’s also why we mostly plan house parties.

During these parties, one can usually find us doing different things like jamming, playing Jenga or participating in Snapchat sessions. Since we are all foodies, we make impromptu plans to try new restaurants in the city.

Since the last weekend was a long one, my friends and I met everyday and we spent time partying. Twenty days before that, I was completely busy with the play that I was working in. Since that is finally over, I just wanted to relax and unwind. We danced a lot, had great food and spent time talking to each other.

One of the places that I love going to is ‘Mahesh Lunch Home’ for the seafood that they offer. I can eat the crabs and prawns served there at any time of the day. Other than this, I am not fussy about food; I love trying anything new presented before me.

I haven’t been conscious about my food choices for the last month and I think it’s time I start detoxing now. Due to the hectic play practice, I indulged in a lot of ‘pani puris’, ‘bhel puri’ and sandwiches everyday and my health has gone for a toss. I have started being regular to the gym once again and salads are back in my daily diet.

I also like spending time with my family whenever everyone is free. There are weekends when my cousins are also available so we plan a lunch or dinner and spend time together.

Of late, one of the things that I’ve discovered about myself is that I’m slowly becoming fond of dogs. As my boyfriend Suyyash has three labradors at home, I like spending time with them and calling that a weekend as well. I also feed street dogs by the shooting sets whenever I see any.

As I am a late sleeper, I am usually up till 4 am watching some American TV series. The latest ones that I am hooked on to are ‘Quantico’ and ‘Touch’.

My time alone also includes me going on long rides. Since I love driving, even if someone calls me at 3 am to go somewhere, I am always ready. I enjoy visiting a cafe and enjoying a cup of coffee by myself too. At times, it’s nice to have some time alone and a little chat with myself.

My idea of a perfect weekend is one where a person gets to do whatever they wish to and have fun. Even if it is just sitting at home, hanging out with friends and family or simply watching a movie, as long as you are happy in those two days, your perfect weekend is set. I am glad to say that I get to do what I want to on the days I have an off.”

A few of my favourite things

Ice Eskimo drink
Going to the gym
Long drives
Watching ‘Quantico’

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