Making complaints to child rights panel becomes fruitful

Making complaints to child rights panel becomes fruitful

New feature on KSCPCR portal will directly send plaints to dept concerned

Making complaints to child rights panel becomes fruitful

The Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR) is simplifying the process of registering complaints.

In about a week, it will launch a feature on its website by which complaints registered online will automatically go to the departments concerned, a WhatsApp number and a Facebook page.

Kripa Alva, chairperson, KSCPCR, explained to DH how the feature works.
For example, the commission gets a complaint about a school.

The complaint will automatically go to the website of the Department of Public Instruction so that it can take up the matter immediately before the commission formally sends it the complaint.

Similarly, complaints pertaining to other departments like health and social welfare will go directly to them.

“There will be no waste of time in following various processes of action,” Alva said.
While the commission will continue to follow up on cases with various departments, anyone can check the progress of such complaints, she added.

Pocso e-Box
Just on Friday, the Ministry of Women and Child Development launched an online complaint registration and management system called ‘Pocso (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) e-Box’.

The initiative is aimed at facilitating immediate reportage of and action on complaints of child sexual abuse.

Welcoming the e-Box initiative, Alva said, “It’s a very good initiative, but I must say that the new feature on the KSCPCR website is a step forward.”

WhatsApp and FB
To make the registration of complaints easier and immediate, the commission is opening a WhatsApp number for public.

A spokesperson for the KSCPCR said, “There are many who may not be tech-savvy and cannot browse the Internet. Since most people use mobile phones and WhatsApp, we are opening a WhatsApp number for them.”

There will also be a Facebook page that will serve a similar purpose.