The tale of the golden braids

The tale of the golden braids
The parties are over, the bottles have been cleared and the gowns have been relegated to the back of the closet. Post-festivity depression hangs thick in the air like a looming dementor. So in an effort to pull yourself up from the doldrums, add a little bit of shimmer and shine to your makeup, to your outfit and even to your hair!

Hair foiling is a flashy trend that is stepping out from the runway and on to the streets. A more sophisticated version of the glitter root trend, this involves adding metallic foil to your hair to get a futuristic look that plays on your old love for glitter.

“It is a fascinating trend because you can look very exotic or quite subtle, depending on how you do your hair,” says Rajlaxmi Borkotoky, a professional. “Gold is a classy colour and adds a rich effect, no matter the form it is used in.”

Talking about why she would want to opt for this look herself, Rajlaxmi adds, “One of the main reasons is the ease of process. You don’t really need expensive products or hairstylists for this; anyone can do it themselves. All one needs to do is spritz hairspray on your hair till they are very damp and then add chunks of foil- small or big depending upon how much attention you want to get. And it is also easy to wash out.”

“While the classic look is about sticking little pieces of foil at the accent points in your hair, there are many other ways to work this look. You can either put flecks of gold on your braid to get a touch of glam, cover your whole hair with chunks of gold leaf, or just apply it on your parting. The foil paper can be easily purchased at any craft store as sheets or flakes,” adds Pragya N, a college student. 

Says Simran Luthra, professional and hair styling enthusiast, “I am quite a fan of the pin-prick sized stripes that one can create via foils. They add a shimmery touch of oomph without screaming for attention. It can be a time consuming process but the end results are nice. Otherwise gold hair foiling will not take more than 20 minutes. Prep damp hair with a setting lotion and then dry it roughly with her hands. Once you’ve decided where you’re going to place the foil flecks, spray the area with hairspray. You can place the flecks in any pattern you like and then pat them into your hair with a small makeup brush. A haphazard look is what is trending in designs right now.”

Kevin Murphy hairstylist Sarah Lund is credited with developing this style. She has recommended loose curls or waves while going for this look and recommends placing the golden bits along the part line or in the hair tucked behind the ear around the hairline. After all, one must not be afraid to sparkle a little brighter.

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