Mayor:  Govt has financed new vented dam project

Mayor:  Govt has financed new vented dam project

The state government has borne the burden of financing the project of the new Thumbe vented dam, Mayor Harinath said.

“It was planned to complete the work with the State Finance Commission (SFC) giving 50% funds (Rs 37.75 crore), the state government giving 40% funds (Rs 30.2 crore) and MCC bearing the remaining 10% (Rs 7.55 crore). The entire amount of Rs 71 crore has been borne by the state government,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

“All steps have been taken to recompense those who would lose land due to rise in water level up to five to seven metres in the dam. Both the measures show the concern of the Congress-led government and the Mangaluru City Corporation towards farmers,” he said.

Apparently replying to former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa’s remarks that he would support the land losers of Thumbe vented dam, the mayor said Yeddyurappa should understand ground reality before making comments. The work on the dam slowed down during the tenure of Yeddyurappa as chief minister, although permission was granted to install 30 crest gates in 2008 in the period. 

The total compensation for land losers is Rs 8,12,525 (for 2015-16) and Rs 8,12,525 for 2016-17, he said, adding that rent of Rs 2.81 lakh, until full compensation is paid, has already been given to eight land losers for 2016-17. Harinath said that the remaining compensation will be disbursed at the earliest.

The mayor also said that a meeting comprising District In-charge Minister B Ramanath Rai, chief secretary Subhashchandra Khuntia and KUIDFC managing director
V Ponnuraj will be held on January 8 to decide the compensation amount to owners whose land will be submerged when the storage level of the dam is increased to maximum (7 metres).

Stating that about 371 acres would be submerged when water is stored up to 7 metres, he said that a survey is on to find the total number of persons whose land would be submerged. Now, water is stored at 5 metres and land belonging to 16 persons has submerged.

He said that water stored at 4 metres will suffice for 30 days; at 5 metres, it could supply for 40 days; if water is stored up to 7 metres, it will suffice  for about 90 days.