India to get full info on Headley, says US

After Headley pleaded guilty on 12 charges, including involvement in the Mumbai carnage, Blake said in New Delhi that the US would give India “full access” to all the information on and elicited from the Pakistan-born American citizen, who was arrested in Chicago last October.

Headley’s plea bargain has almost put an end to speculation over his extradition from the US to India. “But,” said Blake, “I think you will have full access to all the information.”
His remark came on a day External Affairs Minister S M Krishna lauded the US for being honest and upfront in keeping India informed about Headley as well as in sharing information squeezed out from him by the FBI interrogators.

Krishna said that the US was reciprocating to India in equal measure in the fight against terrorism. “I have said that the US was engaged in a war on terror. We (India and US) are on the same page as far as fighting terror is concerned,” he said in an interview to a TV channel.

Blake, however, did not clarify if Indian investigators could go to the US to interrogate Headley.  “I cannot answer the question whether or not an Indian team can go to the US, because I was not there during that period but I encourage you to be in touch with our justice department,” Blake told journalists.

He, however, said Headley's confession of having links with the LeT and being involved with terror plots in Denmark, the US and India had showed how the level of threat posed by the Pakistan-based outfit had “grown significantly”.
He also said the US would ask Pakistan to work more on curbing the LeT and other terrorist outfits.

Blake is currently on a visit to India. He will also travel to Pakistan and Afghanistan.
He said Pakistan had made “important progress on the issue of terror but there is still work to be done.” “...We still think that there needs to be progress on the LeT in particular. The Headley case in our view illustrates the increasing global scope and ambition of the LeT and therefore, the need for all of our countries to take the LeT threat seriously and cooperate with each other.”

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