when the wedding bells ring...

when the wedding bells ring...

The wedding singer

When a wedding singer and a waitress find out that they both are engaged to the wrong people, fate gives them a chance to set things right.

My best friend’s wedding
When a woman’s best friend gets engaged, she realises she loves him herself. She hatches a plan to sabotage his wedding.

Father of the bride
This 1991 movie is about a reluctant father who doesn’t want to let go of his daughter when she wants to get married to a guy who she has only known for 3 months.

Bride wars
Two childhood friends turn into bitter rivals when they schedule their wedding for the same day. A true friendship is put to test in this
2009 comical movie.

Runaway bride
A chauvinistic reporter tries to redeem his image by covering the story of a bride who is known to regularly ditch her fiances at the altar, but ends up falling for her.

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