Kids love this langur

Kids love this langur

The langur has become a friend to the children. dh photo

The monkey living in Jambale from the last monsoon, has become a friend of the locals. It eats with them and plays with them.

“Hey, the langur has come; bring some groundnuts...” “Hey langur come here, eat this banana...” the local children have included the langur in their friends’ circle.

The monkey, aged about two years, had accidentally entered Jambale from the Kundremukh National Park region in the last monsoon. The children of the area fed it with available fruits when it was helpless. Now, it has become a permanent resident of Jambale.

The langur spends its time in forest only in the night. In the morning, it surfaces in Jambale. The schoolchildren share their food with the monkey. The langur too plays with them and keeps the children happy.

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