'I always get what I aim to achieve'

'I always get what I aim to achieve'

'I always get what I aim to achieve'
For actor Aavni Gowda, who made her debut through Tamil film ‘Vanavaasi’, entering the Kannada film industry is an exciting step forward. The upcoming project ‘Kalapremi’, will see Aavni play the lead role and the young actor is high on energy. In a chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about her entry into the industry and her role in the movie.

From modelling to films, tell us about your journey so far...
I started modelling a couple of years back. I was busy with modelling projects and Aryan, the director of ‘Kalapremi’, chanced upon my portfolio and approached me for the same. I had never thought about entering Sandalwood but now that I am here, I am excited and enjoying the moment.

What is ‘Kalapremi’ all about?
The movie is the director Aryan’s dream project. He will also be seen playing the male lead in the movie. But there are no main actors in the movie — the story is the actor. The scriptwork is phenomenal and one will be able to associate with the detailing once the project is out there for everyone to see. I play the role of Aishwarya, which has been a learningexperience.

A bit about your role...
I am very close to my role. My character is very possessive about the hero. Each and every turn in the movie is connected to my actions. I  felt it would be easy to portray the character. I am a straightforward person and I always get what I aim to achieve. I fight for what I believe is right.

Aishwarya is a bold character who wears Western outfits throughout the movie. Her parents stay in the US and she is the epitome of a modern girl. When she first meets the hero (who is a rockstar) in the movie, he ignores her. She takes this up as a challenge and makes the hero fall for her.

The different things you learnt when preparing for the role...
The lessons are many — from the rehearsals to all the minute details to be taken care of, there is so much to pick up. There is so much one needs to look into to do justice to a role.

Are you more nervous or excited?
This is my first time in the Kannada film industry and I am not sure how I should feel. I am happy to be here.

If given a chance, who are the people you would like to work with here?
My next Kannada movie is with Shankar Gowda sir. I have always wanted to work with him. Some of the actors I would like to work with include Sudeep sir, Chiranjeevi Sarja and Ganesh. These are the top names in the industry. Everyone likes them for the varied characters they have played.

A remake project that you would want to be a part of...
In Hindi, it would be ‘Vivah’ as I fell in love with that movie. In Kannada, I would like to be a part of the remake of Puneet Rajkumar-starrer ‘Milana’, as the story is very touching. Oh, and how can I forget ‘Mungaru Male’?