Indian-American lawmakers slam Trump's immigration policy

Indian-American lawmakers slam Trump's immigration policy

Indian-American lawmakers slam Trump's immigration policy

Indian-American lawmakers today slammed US President Donald Trump for signing executive orders to reshape the country's immigration policies, describing the move as "anti-immigrant" that will "tear apart" families.

Trump has escalated his anti-immigrants stand with a series of executive orders that will "tear families apart," while weakening the public safety and national security, said Senator Kamala Harris, the first Indian-American to be elected the upper chamber of the United States Congress.

"Creating a deportation force to target immigrant families who are contributing to our society is not a show of strength. Asking taxpayers to pay for an unrealistic border wall is not a solution. And telling cities to deny public safety, education, and health services to kids and families is irresponsible and cruel," said Harris.

She said that the US was now "less safe" because of the "anti-immigrant" policies followed by the President.

"Immigrants will report fewer crimes, more families will live in fear, and our communities and local economies will suffer," Harris said.

Indian-American Seattle representative Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, who has earlier announced not to attend Trump's presidential inauguration, slammed the President for moving forward with his "divisive agenda" that will do nothing to solve the real immigration issues.

"He has doubled down on his agenda that pits mother against mother, neighbour against neighbour, tearing up the fabric of our communities," Jayapal said.

"We must take on enacting comprehensive and humane reform of our broken immigration system – to support our economy, our communities and our families – but the President offers zero leadership in this area," she said.

"Instead of building walls, we should address the underlying systemic issues that drive immigration and fix our own outdated immigration system. Instead of banning refugees and people based on their religion, we should welcome them with open arms," she said.

Jayapal said that as a world superpower it is US's moral responsibility to provide a sanctuary to all who need it most.

The lawmakers were also joined by Senator Chuck Schumer and Democratic Whip Congressman Steny H Hoyer in opposing Trump's immigration policies.

"President Trump's plans are based on alternative facts and do nothing to keep us safe or fix our immigration system in a humane, pragmatic and effective way," Schumer said.