Content in her own world

Content in her own world

Content in her own world
My idea of a perfect weekend includes travelling. It could be  be to nearby destinations or somewhere faraway.

I like going on bike as well as driving. When I am on a bike, I enjoy the feel of breeze against my face and the thought of going to places unexplored.  Whenever I get time off, I also go to the usual places  like Nandi Hills where I spend time with my friends or taking off to Mysuru or Coorg. It’s always fun to travel with friends.

Getting to understand the culture of a place and meeting new people is an exciting experience. And I have lots of travel stories to narrate.  I also spend a lot of time during weekends with my friends. Though I am quiet by nature, I enjoy chatting and lazing around with them. I am close to many from my Pre-University and dance class days and we all share the same wavelength. We also  love shopping and just being with each other.

Our meeting point could be at a friend’s place, at the movie halls or at a cool restaurant. I, especially, love spending time with Akshatha, who is a dear friend. I make sure to meet her at least twice a week and we catch up over the phone whenever we can.

I am a private person and I love my ‘me time’. Be it watching movies by myself or just relaxing at a cafe, reading the newspaper or a book. If I am at a cafe by myself, I just sit back and watch life go by or make long-pending calls. My ‘me time’ also includes me going for drives, listening to music, shopping alone and going for long walks.

Weekends are also meant for watching movies. However, I am not a big horror and thriller movie fan (which is ironic considering the roles I have done). I do watch them if I hear good reviews though. I love watching movies alone as I don’t want to be disturbed.

If I am at home during the weekends, I like spending time with my parents. Though I am not a big foodie, my mother cooks delicious food and I relish the same. 

Yoga is a big part of my life. It was my grandfather who taught it to me. I practice it for an hour every day and around 90 minutes during the weekends.

 I love doing ‘sarvangasana’ and ‘surya namaskara’. I have practised it ardently and has also been teaching it. I feel so much at peace with myself after a session and it helps me stay fit and relaxed.

Dancing is another favourite activity of mine. It is very special to me and I express myself freely through it. I have been trained in ‘kathak’ by Nirupama Rajendra and TD Rajendra and I have toured for dance shows. Dance de-stresses me a lot. I also love freestyle dancing.

Sometimes, during weekends, I don’t want to do anything and just want to be cut off from the busy world around.

So I snuggle up with a book with light music playing in the background and a cup of tea. I read books by  Paulo Coelho and Sidney Sheldon. I go for Chetan Bhagat’s works if I am in the mood for some light reading. I also catch up on  the ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’. series during my weekends. Quality ‘me time’ is my kind of fun.”   

(As told to  Tini Sara Anien)