Rayanna Brigade has silent approval of BJP leadership: KSE

Rayanna Brigade has silent approval of BJP leadership: KSE

Rayanna Brigade has silent approval of BJP leadership: KSE
BJP leader K S Eshwarappa, on Thursday, said that the Sangolli Rayanna Brigade would organise a state-level convention soon and invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi for it.

He was addressing the gathering at the Sangolli Rayanna martyrdom day function here. Eshwarappa claimed that the Brigade had the silent approval of the BJP high command.

Eshwarappa said that he was strengthening the hands of Modi, by organising the Dalits, backward classes and the poor among the upper classes under the Brigade. The large crowds at the convention would be an eye-opener, he said.

The Brigade was giving sleepless nights to many in just six months of its inception, indirectly referring to state BJP president B S Yeddyurappa. But he expressed confidence that there would be a change of mind among those opposing the Brigade and that they would soon accept it.

He demanded that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah should make the report of the caste census public and provide reservations based on the population of each caste.

Brigade leader Ashok Limbavali said that the they had the capacity to form a party of their own and that was giving jitters to many. 

“Let them (BJP) suspend all leaders associated with the Brigade, like they did in case of former Bengaluru mayor Venkatesh Murthy,” he challenged. He said the activities of the Brigade would continue for all time to come, in response to reports in the media that the Brigade would cease to exist if Eshwarapa and Yeddyurappa come to a truce in the days to come. 

In his speech, former minister S A Ravindranath said that huge crowds had gathered for the convention, despite warnings by the BJP leadership to the party workers against taking part in the convention.

Prior to the programmne, Eshwarappa was brought to the venue in a procession. Brigade president K Virupakshappa, MLC Somanna Bevinamarad, former minister Sogadu Shivanna, Venkatesh Murthy and other leaders took part in the convention.