DH Impact: A timeline of DH campaign against the steel flyover

People's protest makes government backtrack on controversial steel flyover project

DH Impact: A timeline of DH campaign against the steel flyover

The controversial steel flyover project, which was vehemently opposed by all sections of the society, has been scrapped by the Karnataka government.

The Rs 1,791 crore project which would have led to the cutting of 800-odd trees, had been stayed by the National Green Tribunal following protests from citizens' groups and the media.

Deccan Herald was at the forefront of the fight against the controversial project.

Here is a timeline of DH coverage of the issue.

June 12, 2016 : A steel flyover to chaos

June 23, 2016: Steel flyover will gobble up 5 acres

June 23, 2016: Steel flyover project may bulldoze at least 500 trees

Sept 30, 2016: Steel flyover, a project sans vision

Oct 09, 2016: Flyover returns, ignoring protests

Oct 12, 2016: All trees to face axe for steel flyover are healthy, find greens

Oct 16, 2016: Steel flyover upkeep costly and complex affair, say experts

Oct 17, 2016: Motley crowd, but one voice: 'No steel flyover'

Oct 18, 2016: In a secret move, state govt decides to toll steel flyover

Oct 19, 2016: Why city steel flyover stir matters to India

Oct 20, 2016: Cries against steel flyover get louder

Oct 22, 2016: Approval nowhere in sight, but govt to start work on steel flyover

Oct 24, 2016: Steel flyover extension violates buffer zone norms: Lake Authority

Nov 04, 2016: Halt on steel flyover: social media buzz hints at curtains for project

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