Rising verbal volleys

Rising verbal volleys

Virtual wars

Rising verbal volleys
In an era where social media connects people more than real-life conversations, trolling and abusing on such platforms has become the order of the day. The recent controversy surrounding Delhi University student Gurmehar Kaur’s post has evoked both negative and positive reactions from people.

So is it that social media today has become more of a battleground of opinions? “Putting down a person, in any form, is absolutely wrong. However, the reason behind a post should also be looked at and pondered over. There are people who like to go ahead with the mass ideology where the mind is drawn to negative issues more than the positive ones,” says Sailesh Singhal, a third year student of St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science.

He adds, “Social media is a huge platform which should be used as a positive tool, especially by youngsters. It is an individual’s opinion but if the negative thoughts become the bigger push, it can divide the entire country.” According to him, youngsters should understand an issue, analyse it and then take a stand rather than following the herd mentality.

There are two aspects of social media, both personal and public, says Chetan Singai, assistant professor at National Law School of India University.

“It is an instrument for empowerment which is a crucial aspect of democracy. But there are a few people who misuse this instrument called social media,” says Chetan. Trolling and abusing is a common sight and social media platforms are open to debates and criticism. “Criticising an individual is fine till the time it doesn’t infringe upon the other person’s rights to express their opinion.”

Technology has given people various tools like social media to voice their opinions. Elizabeth Riya Roy, content head at ‘Under 25 Club’, feels that though it is right to make a point, there is a difference between venting one’s anger and speaking out to make a change. “As soon as one starts attacking an individual, it becomes sensitive. I am strongly against bullying and trolling which have absolutely no justification,” she says.

She points out that people feel they have an authority over others on social media and any personal attack is only an example of misusing the platform.

She highlights that trolling on social media has now become a trend and people derive a sense of joy by showing their authority over someone else. “There are many who may not have proper knowledge of an issue but they like to follow the herd. Such people are only adding to the chaos,” she says.