In the arms of nature

In the arms of nature

My perfect weekend

In the arms of nature

My perfect weekend is usually the one spent in the company of my friends. Although I love being with myself sometimes, my friends are an incredible part of my life here.

If I am not on a film location, my weekend starts with a fun-filled  Friday which mellows down to a quiet Sunday, especially if I have a shoot on Monday.
My Friday evenings are spent with my friends and there’s absolute madness when we get together. Apoorva and Anjana are my closest friends. Anjana is like my guardian angel. She stepped into my life when I didn’t know many people here. She was there with me during my initial days of acting and has been ever since.

Apoorva is another dear friend of mine and is also an actress. People say that two actresses cannot be friends but this is a myth. She stood by me during my toughest times. We call and message each other all the time.

During the weekends, especially Friday nights, we go out and have a nice dinner or chill out at either my place or theirs.

We also catch up on whatever stories we missed out in the week. But wherever I go, I always make it a point to come back home and sleep in my own bed. I love writing in my diary, which is called ‘Barbie’ and it is like a close friend to me.
I pen my thoughts during the weekends, especially on Friday nights. The topics that I like writing about are rebirth, parallel universe, reality and death.
Whatever thought comes to me, I note it down.

Come Saturday morning, and I lazily plan the day  sipping coffee. After this, I start cleaning the house and rearranging things. I love doing this as it gives me a perspective into many things.
I end up learning a lot about myself through such activities. The whole process boosts my self-confidence to a great level.

The day moves on with me practising yoga and meditation depending on my plans for the day. I love doing ‘suryanamaskara’ as well as the breathing techniques as they recharge me. 

Later on in the day, I either meet my friends again or get involved in activities I love to do. When I am with friends, we either watch a movie or visit a restaurant. I also enjoy shopping with my pals.

I usually wake up late on Sunday mornings as I don’t have any work for the day. Sunday is more about spending time with myself.
I love reading, so I pick up a book and cuddle with it. I have a huge collection of books. Also, if there are some friends who I am not able to visit on other days, I try to meet them on a Sunday. Gardening and spending time with the plants in my apartment is another favourite activity of mine.
I coo to them, chide them and talk to them. I feel very calm when I am with them.

I learnt the nuances of gardening from my father. Sometimes, when I am in a playful mood, I ask the plants to nod to me if they agree to what I am saying and when they sway in the breeze, I feel happy. I also have a pet cat ‘Kitty’ who I also call ‘Kwangkwa’ (for no particular reason). She is a very playful pet and gives me great company. I have grown up with a lot of dogs. When I am visiting my parents in Mangaluru, I try to spend a lot of time with them.

Sundays are those days when I crash early as I want to wake up fresh to a new week.     
I am also the kind of person who enjoys travelling, especially to Goa. I am fond of beaches and enjoy water sports and all water-based activities. Also, trekking has been a recent favourite activity of mine. Such activities  in the company of nature often open you to  different experiences. Apart from all this, one can also see me leaving notes to myself across the house. It could be my ‘To Do List’ or random positive thoughts. I focus on spreading joy and keeping myself happy all the time.” 

(As told to Tini Sara Anien)