Reach gender parity goals for Planet 50/50

Reach gender parity goals for Planet 50/50

“To call woman the weaker sex is a libel; it is man’s injustice to woman.” These words of Mahatma Gandhi echo in my mind as I sit and ponder on gender equality. How many of us even realise the true meaning of fighting for equality? Why does a pair of parallel lines make our society quiver in fear of change? The answer is simple.

We are a society that is etched in tradition and when you have roots that deep, change, however inevitable, presents a challenge.

Planet 50/50 is a world blind towards not only gender, but also towards all other stereotypes that divide us. A world that is free of discrimination at the workplace, a society that no longer frowns upon women who choose to work, but in turn encourages and supports the various hats that each woman wear: a caring mother, a loving wife, a respectful daughter and oh well, if it’s not too much to ask, an ambitious go-getter.

It might have been tough in the early 2000s, but our nation has softened its stance on the issue of gender equality. What may have been a rare scenario a decade ago, women in today’s India are able to be part of both blue and white collar crowds.

Albeit the effort to shrink the gender gap has been in action, the result has been far from satisfactory. Regardless of how women have empowered themselves in making a mark in the business world, it is still sad to observe that the perception of people and the stereotyping hasn’t changed much even after all these years.

Lack of faith
Women still face bias at work, religious institutions etc. Also, in a political setup, women continue to face gender bias about their ability to be leaders in a public forum and lead a country. The general notion that a woman is weak at making complex logical decisions and can only validate more domestic tasks has been the greatest barrier towards their success.

The lack of faith in a woman’s ability to succeed in supposedly non-conventional roles has forced them to work double shifts, put in additional efforts to earn the same respect that a man commands and make her mark as opposed to a man. When a woman believes in herself and dives into entrepreneurship, she often faces challenges that are unheard of for men.

Women tend to have an innate ability to multitask which makes them a valuable asset to any organisation where they function. Women have exhibited the prowess of their competence in boardrooms.

The professional sphere is no longer a man's world. It is simply the battle of the best, and at each pedestal women are proving their mettle. Nowadays, women are walking equal to men and contributing to every nation’s progress and economic growth.

Tremendous contribution
From the ancient era to the modern world, women have provided tremendous contribution in the development of the society in all spheres. Though they want to excel in life, they don't measure it with merely the professional accomplishment.
They are greatly concerned about shaping their personal lives and contributing to their children's success. These neo-women are creatures of true grit  - no longer pursuing higher education to be the ideal bride, but out of sheer passion that fuels their ambition.

Although it may seem worthy to claim this change a victory for women alone, one cannot help but acknowledge the other members of society that have contributed to our empowerment: an encouraging husband, an understanding family, the friend who always lends a hand and a supportive employer. With the encouragement and support of the society, the women of today seem unstoppable.

Even the corporate environment recognises the multiple roles a career woman would have juggled. The professional world has finally begun to acknowledge the intensity of a women's intellect. These companies recognise the challenges and often craft out policies that allow for a flexible working environment.

In a country like India where gender disparity is deep-rooted in cultures and mindsets, it calls for a significant social change and is possible only when everyone come together and works every day to reach gender parity goals. As the saying goes: “If you educate a boy, you educate an individual. If you educate a girl, you educate a community.”

Planet 50/50 might have seemed like light years away, but with our society evolving at warp speed, one could almost smell its non-discriminating air.

(The writer is Founder & Vice President – Marketing, Digital A Plus Group of Companies)