Karnataka CM launches 'Pratibimba' to project achievements

Karnataka CM launches 'Pratibimba' to project achievements
Karnataka Chief Minister  Siddaramaiah today launched a comprehensive web-based platform showcasing the government's performance and achievements to the citizens. Developed as the Chief Minister's dash board, 'Pratibimba,' which means reflection, will serve as a tool to improve efficiency in governance and allow citizens to track government's progress, officials said.

They said 'Pratibimba" is a reflection of the growth story and development of the state, and the dash board will reflect the works of all the departments across flagship schemes, key programmes and projects undertaken in the state. The dash board is available both in English and  Kannada. Karnataka is the second state in the country after  Andhra Pradesh to have such a dash board, Siddaramaiah said  after launching Pratibimba at the state secretariat here.

Siddaramaiah said, "Pratibimba will help people across the state and the country to get a detailed information regarding the steps taken by us in fulfilling our promise of transparent, responsible and people friendly government."  "This will be a reflection of how much we have walked  the talk by showcasing the efforts made by us in meeting  people's aspiration with our achievements," he added.

Officials said the dash board tools will help report,  track and measure departmental performance on programmes,  projects and promises made, which will enable departments to  become more transparent, accountable and efficient. Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, L K Atheeq said the information on the dash board will be updated on 10th of every month.

Stating that the dash board was supposed to be launched much earlier, but got delayed, the Chief Minister said it will provide information on flagship schemes, key programmes and projects to people at their finger tip. He said, "We are accountable to people of Karnataka as it is they who have voted us to form the government, and this is one of the ways of showing our accountability."   

Officials said 'Pratibimba' has been envisioned with the intention to be expanded and diversified to include many other aspects like evaluation of district level performance,  integration of many solutions on a single dashboard platform  and feedback mechanism for citizens.
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