'I love watching horror films'

'I love watching horror films'

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'I love watching horror films'

Sharmiela Mandre needs no introduction. The actor started her sojourn in the Kannada film industry with ‘Sajni’ and has gone on to act in a number of hit projects like ‘Krishna’, ‘Navagraha’, ‘Venkata in Sankata’ and ‘Swayamvara’ since then, giving the audience a number of unforgettable characters in the process. Presently keeping her fingers crossed for two upcoming movies, Sharmiela chats with Rajitha Menon about films, her stint with television and more.

What made you join the film industry?

It was a combination of my surroundings and my passion for cinema. I was born into a family that was closely associated with films and as a child, I used to watch movies on the television and feel that this is where I belong.

You have a tag of being a Sandalwood fashion icon. How does that feel?

Really? I didn’t know that (laughs). But I have always loved dressing up and wearing good clothes, even as a child. It was a personal choice and not something dictated by me being in this industry. I am more focussed on wearing comfortable clothes than being stylish. I don’t like wearing clothes that don’t suit my bodytype.

Tell us about your stint as a judge on a reality show.

It was my first foray into television and I loved it, though I had to be persuaded initially. But now I am not averse to another reality show.

We often hear of such shows being rigged. Your thoughts on that...

Even I had heard many such things and had preconceived notions about such shows, before I actually became a part of one. But the entire process was a pretty fair and transparent one. Even though there was no voting, I would get messages from people on social media about which contestants I should support.
What is the one misconception about actors that you would like to clear?

There are quite a few. One is that people think that our life is extremely glamorous but it is really not as pretty as they imagine. We work really hard. We don’t really have it all like everyone believes.

Another thing is how they think actors are a separate category by themselves and don’t do things that normal people do. I have had uncles coming up to me and asking ‘Do you ever want to get married?’ and not looking very convinced when I say yes. They feel we are too ambitious to ever settle down. But that’s a very wrong notion.

Your favourite role so far?

It is Dr Anjali from the movie ‘Krishna’. I played the role of a village belle which was completely different from what I am in reality. It made me feel that I was ready to experiment.

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

There is the remake of 1983 love drama ‘Katha’ which is my debut in Bollywood. Language was a bit of a problem as I have a South Indian accent but the overall experience was great. I am also looking forward to the release of ‘Aake’ in April. It is a horror film and I really wanted to work in a project like this for a long time. I love watching horror films.

Which other genres would you like to explore in the future?

I would like to concentrate on doing films that are a bit serious. I feel I have reached a stage where commercial films are not my first choice. And maybe a woman-oriented subject, something that will really portray women in a positive light.
I would also like to work with the new crop of directors and artistes. They have the same mindset as me and are bringing about a good shift in the industry.