The Arabian connect

The Arabian connect

Fine delicacies

The Arabian connect

It is often a dreadful experience to travel towards Arekere Gate on Bannerghatta Road. The traffic chaos there makes you feel like you have been stuck there for ages. But the one thing that can cheer you up is the brightly lit ‘Fattoush Multicuisine Restaurant’, located opposite the Indian Institute of Management.

The building’s decor is grand with golden hues and elaborate work and makes you wonder how good the restaurant will be on the inside. Once you head to the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by the warm aroma of grills, freshly squeezed juices and the other delicacies that await you.

The restaurant offers Arabic, Chinese, North Indian and South Indian cuisines along with beverages, fruit creams and mocktails. The live kitchen is also a sight to watch while one waits for the food to arrive.

The wide seating option is a bonus as one can either choose a place to enjoy the sights outside or find a quiet corner. A fair warning though — the service needs improvement. Though there is a good number of service staff, you might often feel neglected and ignored.

Thankfully, the good food makes up for the lack of good service. The restaurant offers a good range of dishes for one to choose from.

If you prefer a Middle Eastern dish, you can choose from the Arabic items on the menu.

The ‘Samak alfaham’ (grilled fish), ‘Mushakkal’ (mixed grill) and ‘Afghani laham’ (grilled mutton) are good options from the Arabian grill section.

The Arabian rice is one of the popular items in the cuisine. One can also try the ‘Kabsa mutton’, ‘Magloobba chicken’ and ‘Mandi mutton’. Each of them is unique in terms of the flavour  — neither too spicy nor too sweet.  It is definitely an interesting twist from the usual ‘biryani’ that one is used to having in the city.

If Indian cuisine is what you prefer, then you can choose anything from the breads and curries available.

The ‘Chicken tikka’ is spicy, whereas the ‘Saffroni fish tikka’ leaves a lingering sweet taste in your mouth. If you prefer to have ‘naan’ or ‘parotta’, you can pair it with curries like ‘Butter chicken’, ‘Prawn roast’ or ‘Chicken do pyaz’.

And if Chinese is your liking, the ‘Triple fried rice chicken’, ‘Peking fried rice’, ‘American chop suey’ and ‘Veg noodles’ are recommended.

The restaurant also offers a range of sandwiches like ‘Chicken club sandwich’, ‘Kebab sandwich’ and ‘Mutton yoghurt sandwich’.
 Wash down the meal with milkshakes like ‘Chikku milkshake’, ‘Shammam
milkshake’ or other options that are available on the menu.

Overall, the restaurant is a good option if you want to have a quiet meal with your family. ‘Fattoush Multi Cuisine Restaurant’ is located near Fortis Hospitals, Bannerghatta Main Road. For details, call 8880786996.