Going with the flow

Going with the flow

Shivya Pathania, Television Actor

Going with the flow

Having absolutely no plans and going with the flow is my idea of a perfect weekend. I prefer to be spontaneous.

It’s always difficult to have your weekend off when you are working in the television industry. I usually get to know the previous evening whether I am off work that particular weekend. That’s when I call my friends and let them know about it. We then decide on the place we want to go.

My friends and I like heading out of Mumbai, preferably to a hill station nearby, and enjoy nature. We love waking up in the morning or staying up all night to watch the morning sun, finding the peak points of the location and exploring various things there.

When we are in the city, we go clubbing and partying or just hang out at any lounge. I am a very big foodie, so I am constantly looking out for delicious food. North Indian dishes are my favourite and  recently, I discovered my love for Kashmiri food. My agenda while travelling is also to ensure that I try the local cuisine there.

We, actors, are always busy with shooting and are extremely tired to do anything afterwards.  When I know that I have the next day off, I start planning in my head all the things  I want to do. But the sad reality is that I end up sleeping most of the day.  I wake up by evening and have just the rest of the day to enjoy.

One of the favourite things that I like to do is go to Marine Drive at night. When I used to stay in the hostel, my friend and I would tell the warden that we are going to the gym and head to the Marine Drive. We would just sit there for a few hours and chat. Even today, we love going there.

I also enjoy hanging out on my terrace. After I finish my workout at the gym, I go up to my terrace and sit there for some time. It gives me peace of mind and the time to think and relax.

When I am not out with my friends, the internet becomes my  companion. I start by watching interviews of celebrities. Eventually, I end up watching all the viral videos online.

I also love reading books. Watching television series, especially Korean series, love stories and chic flicks are some of my favourite activities. I find the cinematography  done in Korean series very good.

I enjoy cooking quite a bit but due to my busy work schedule, I seldom get the opportunity to cook. I usually prefer making Indian dishes and ‘rajma chawal’ is one of my specialities. I have tried my hand at baking but almost burnt the kitchen down!

During my weekends, I also  have my girlfriends come over. We enjoy our intimate house parties with fun, food and music.

My family also visits me every couple of months. My younger brother and sister had recently come to Mumbai but I couldn’t give them the time as I was busy with shooting. They did come over to the shooting location but I think they were bored!

When I think about my day off or the weekend, I just have one thing in mind – how well can I utilise the time I have?   I believe life is about enjoying each and every moment so I have to get out there, experiment, explore and be spontaneous.

(As told to Anila Kurian)

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