'Internet of Things, cloud computing hold the future'

'Internet of Things, cloud computing hold the future'

 Union government’s efforts to promote information, science and technology should be appreciated and professionals should utilise the opportunities offered by the Centre, Computer Society of India (CSI) president Anirban Basu said.

Basu inaugurated an international symposium on ‘Cloud Computing and Data Analytics’ organised by the National Institute of Engineering (NIE) here on Friday. He said that currently everything depends on the Internet of Things (IOT) and cloud computing, and the Central government has realised this and is earmarking huge funds for various projects.

Basu said CSI and Union government have been working together on various projects in connection with cloud computing. IT professionals and the students should utilise the available opportunities.

“Professionals should update themselves as technologies are changing at a fast pace,” he said.

“Cloud computing has emerged as the most exciting computing paradigm for deploying, managing and offering services by a shared infrastructure which opens a new door for resolving conflicts between the explosive growth of digital resource demands and large outlays. However, cloud computing also raises many research challenges such as resource management, data security, privacy and trusted computing,” said symposium general committee chairman K Raghuveer.

According to the organisers, processing of terabytes to petabytes of data or incorporating non-structural data and multi-structured data sources and types requires advanced analytics and data science mechanisms for both raw and partially-processed information. Despite considerable advancement on high performance, large storage and high computation power, there are challenges in identifying, clustering, classifying and interpreting a large spectrum of information.

The conference aims at addressing the challenges before cloud computing. It is targeted at providing an international forum for scientists, researchers and industrial practitioners to discuss and exchange ideas, results and experiences.

Rajkumar Buyya of the Clouds Laboratory, University of Melbourne, Australia, and B G Sangameshwara, vice chancellor, JSS Science and Technology University were present.