Upbeat about his passion

Upbeat about his passion

Upbeat about his passion
Playback singer Nakash Aziz has been the voice for many popular songs. His peppy and upbeat songs in various languages have left his fans asking for more. The latest addition to this  list are ‘Chatur Naar’ from ‘Machine’ and ‘Naughty Billo’ from  ‘Phillauri’, that are topping the charts right now. He chats with Anila Kurian about the making of his songs and his future plans in the industry.

Are you excited about the release of your new songs?
I have a few releases in Telugu and Hindi. It’s quite casual to release a song these days. But I’m still waiting to work on a chartbuster. These projects have been fun but I am waiting for ‘the one’.

Do you think singers don’t get credit for good songs if the movie doesn’t do well?
To be honest, I think the directors and producers are affected harder because they are involved in the project throughout. However, it is saddening when your hardwork goes unnoticed when the movie doesn’t do well.

Your latest song ‘Chatur Naar’ is a remix. Do you think remixes are being overdone?
I look at it as a phase we are going through now. It’s a great honour to be chosen to rework on them as the older songs are legendary. Music producers and musicians are catering to the audience and their experiments are being appreciated.

Do you think that the music industry is lacking anything?
I wouldn’t say there is a lack of anything but it would be great if the composers had more faith in singers. It’s great that they help create what the audience wants but we should also think outside the box. If we don’t experiment, how will the audience be introduced to new things?

Your current favourite song?
I am mostly listening to music so I have heard almost all the  new ones. It is hard to pick one favourite song. I am currently obsessed with all the songs from the ‘50 Shades Darker’ album.

Your favourite materialistic possession?
A good friend of mine once told me to never get attached to anything; I took his word for it. So, I don’t have any favourites. I like to use my possessions as much as possible so that I can keep buying new ones.

If you could blink and wake up in a new place, where would you be?
Anywhere in Europe. I love how historically rich it is, the colours of the sea and the people there.

Tell us about your future plans?
As long as I am still working on music, I will be happy.

Is there something you don’t want to do in the future?
Regretting anything I have done.​

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