MUDA to make rainwater harvesting must for new buildings

MUDA to make rainwater harvesting must for new buildings

Realising the gravity of water crisis in Madikeri, the Madikeri Urban Development Authority (MUDA) has decided to make rainwater harvesting mandatory for newly-built commercial complexes and houses, from April 1.

Without rainwater harvesting system, no permits would be issued, said MUDA chairman Chummi Devaiah.

Speaking to DH, he said that Rs 30 lakh has been earmarked for the development of lakes in Madikeri to increase the ground water. In addition, thrust would be given for development of Pumphouse Kere as well.

Madikeri town had been receiving 300 inches of rainfall annually in the past and people had not been dependent on water supplied by City Municipal Council (CMC).

Instead, they would use the water from open wells in front of their houses. The lakes, rivulets in the region would be perennial.

However, the situation has changed in Madikeri now. Water sources have disappeared in the quest for development. Soil has been dumped on water sources to create layouts, resorts, homestays and converting the agricultural land for non agricultural purposes.

With vagaries of nature and deficit rainfall, the town has been facing water crisis. Realising the gravity of the situation, Madikeri Urban Development Authority has initiated a drive to safeguard the water bodies and has earmarked Rs 30 lakh in its budget.

Kootuhole, the source of drinking water to Madikeri, supplies about 70% of the water to the town. The remaining 30% is supplied from Pampina Kere, Roshanara Kere, Kannandabane, and Elepete Kere. The seepage of water from Kootuhole has been a source of concern. Now, the authorities have decided to take up the work on repair to arrest the seepage. The work on removing the silt has also been initiated.

The water from Roshanara Kere is supplied water to wards on Mysuru Road, Mangaladevi Nagar while water from Pampina Kere is used for supplying water to Mahadevapete, Dasavala Road and Azad Nagar.

The water from Kannandabane Lake is used by the residents of Kannandabane only. If these lakes are developed, then water could be supplied to the town on a daily basis, feel officials.

‘Not materialised’
The Kundamestri project had been envisaged to supply water from Kundamestri to Kootuhole to be supplied to the citizens. It was proposed to construct overhead tanks in different parts of the city to supply water.

But the project has not been materialised properly, feel the residents. The estimate cost of Kundamestri project has been escalating. However, water crisis has not been solved so far.
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