No discrimination, will work for all, says Adityanath

No discrimination, will work for all, says Adityanath

Colleagues told not to hurt minorities

No discrimination, will work for all, says Adityanath

Apparently seeking to allay apprehensions in the Muslim community following his anointment as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath on Sunday said that his government would work for every section of the society without any discrimination.

“This government will work for every section of the society....there will be no discrimination,” the saffron leader said while addressing a press conference after assuming charge of the state.

Adityanath, who had courted controversies in the past over his provocative speeches aimed at a particular community, has asked his cabinet colleagues to desist from making unnecessary remarks which could hurt sentiments of any community.

The chief minister narrated his priorities and said development of the state, and law and order was the top agenda of his government.

“UP has lagged in the past 15 years owing to misrule of successive regimes...we are committed to work for the welfare of the people, especially the poor, Dalits, and safety of women,” he said.

Referred to the vision of BJP ideologue Deean Daya Upadhyaya and his principle of ‘Ekatma manav vad’ (integral humanism), Adityanath said his government would take steps to ensure progress of all.

“The recruitment process will be made corruption-free and transparent....the avenues of employment will be increased through skill development programmes,” he said.

He also said the government would fulfill the promises made in the party’s ‘Lok Sankalp Patra’ (manifesto) at the time of Assembly polls.

The chief minister said the members of his council of ministers would emulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s style of working. Adityanath said the government would set up vikas boards in Poorvanchal and Bundelkhand to develop the two backward regions.Earlier, he chaired an informal cabinet meeting here to discuss the priorities of the government.