Tale of triple triumph over transplant trauma

Tale of triple triumph over transplant trauma

Tale of triple triumph over transplant trauma

When kids his age were learning to stand, Sanish was battling for life. The child had to undergo 38 sessions of dialysis before he was eligible for a kidney transplant. However, the nightmare did not end there for the child.

At the age of one, Sanish was detected with medullary cystic disease of the kidney. It all started with high fever and problem in urinating. At the age of 12, he underwent kidney transplant, with his mother donating her kidney. This was in 2002. The first two years went well for him, but his problems recurred in 2012. “I started vomiting blood and the doctors told me I had a problem in my liver too, which was affecting the transplanted kidney,” recollected Sanish at a media briefing in the city on Thursday.

By September 2015, his transplanted kidney began failing, forcing him to go back to dialysis. The doctors suggested that he go for a second transplant for both kidney and liver, said Sanish.

Dr Sumana Kolar Ramachandra, chief of liver transplant, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Yeshwantpur, said, “When Sanish came to us, he had upper GI bleeding with low platelet and two episodes of Hepatic encephalopathy. Tests found that his liver was damaged and he had to undergo a transplant. We registered him for a combined liver and kidney transplant.”

Doctors at Columbia Asia organised a combined talk with Sanish and his family to educate them about the procedure of kidney and liver transplant. This session helped answer all questions Sanish and his family had before undergoing such an important surgery for dual transplant. The operation was a success.

Staff members from Columbia Asia Hospital also donated blood and platelets that were required for the transplant surgery.

“He was more prone to infections as he was already on immunosuppression for so many years. For the first few days, Sanish had post-operative infections, but medical attention and his will power made him come out of the trauma,” said Dr Sumana. “Sanish’s transplant was complex as he was suffering from both liver and kidney failure, and it took 11 hours for our team of 30 doctors and nurses to complete the surgery.”
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