When work is fun...

When work is fun...

Double trouble

When work is fun...

The names, Sachin and Jigar, are not unknown to music lovers. The two have composed some foot-tapping Bollywood numbers and are raising the bar each time they produce a new one.

With upcoming releases in movies like ‘Farzi’, ‘Haseena’, ‘Reloaded’ and ‘Hindi Medium’, they chat with Anila Kurian about what keeps them going.

You have a lot of projects this year. Was it fun? 

Jigar: We never planned to do so much work. Since the last couple of years, there has been this trend of having multiple composers working on projects. We didn’t pick many but it so happened that all the films are being released this year. So we weren’t too stressed out but had fun.

Do you ever take up multiple projects? 

Sachin: Only if we think we can give our 100 percent. Most of the films we work for have a lot of songs in them. By now, we know the kind of audience our music has, so we work on the projects that help our music stitch the movie together.

You’re also busy touring the country now...

Sachin: Yes! We’ve decided to tour North India this time. The vibe and people are fantastic!

Are you saying that the South India crowd isn’t that great?

Jigar: Not really, but the way North Indians respond to our music is different. They are a lot more enthusiastic. South Indians are a lot sober.

Tell us what you enjoy most about live performances?
Sachin: It gives us the chance to connect with our fans.
Jigar: If you are a musician and you don’t want to do live shows, I don’t think you are doing your job right. The high you get while performing is blissful.

What do you like about each other? 

Sachin: I like that he pushes me out of my comfort zone and encourages me to think outside the box.

Jigar: And he pulls me back when I go overboard (laughs).

And what do you not like about each other?

Sachin: He is too picky. We haven’t been to a single restaurant where he’s liked the food.
Jigar: He is always eating unhealthy food. You’ll always find him having a ‘vada’, a burger or a pizza.

Your top three favourite albums that you’ve worked on.
Sachin: ‘Badlapur’, ‘ABCD’ and we are saving the third spot for a project in the future.

Any bad ones?
Jigar: We didn’t really connect with ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’.

If you could gift each other something, what would it be?
Sachin: A vacation to the Bahamas with his family.
Jigar: Yes, gift him a vacation or ask him to sit at home for five days.

Looks like you both want to be away from each other...
Jigar: I guess so! We both spend all our time in the studio; I guess we should make more time for our families and this seems like the only way.

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