Thrill of April showers

Thrill of April showers

Spring has been celebrated, not surprisingly, by nearly every poet and dramatist.

“Whan that Aprill with his sh­oures soote…” went Chau­cer in his famed and brilliant composition, The Canterbury Ta­les, speaking of the awakening of spring.

As the Earth turns once more, She leaves behind winter, and with it comes the realisation, in the words of Ann Bradstreet, “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”

The Earth dons a whole new look, one worth rejoicing in… It is a moment when She seems to be swaying in mirth to an awakening of sorts, as She welcomes the onset of spring.

Birds moult and coo and trill, as they beckon their mates coyly; tendrils burst from every tree and plant, shyly smiling at the sun; and flowers seem ready to blossom, waiting only for the gentle nudge of Mother Nature.

And is it any wonder that namma Bengaluru dances in joy as she welcomes this queen among months? Of course, for students in the country, this is, regrettably, a “testing time,” what with exams round the corner, but even that cannot rob from them the wonder and awe of beholding Nature’s beauty.

Spring has been celebrated, not surprisingly, by nearly every poet and dramatist worth his salt — be it in the Occident or the Orient. Kalidasa has written two acclaimed treatises, Kumarasambhavam and Meghadootam that talk of the change in weather and the awakening of love in the hearts of the estranged lovers.

Closer home, in namma Sandalwood, who isn’t familiar with Golden Star Ganesh and his record breaking movie, Mungaru Male? The bewitching ways of April and the soon to follow monsoons are a wonder for everyone to behold — from the aam aadmi to the artiste.

Poets, dramatists and directors apart, this is the season that causes even wedding planners to go into hyperdrive! After all, the weather is eminently suitable for a coming together of “kindred souls” (yes, there is “chemistry” between them, remark the astrologer and the aged matriarch of the house alike), while the background planners of the muhurtam, the venue, the florists, the food et al are able to work at it more amiably.

Whether romantically involved or otherwise, this will always be the most beloved of all months, one that is a precursor to the rains ahead. Unquestionably, with this season, one can rest easy in the knowledge of the “circle of life” that shall continue rhythmically till eternity. So, too, is the certainty that the sprouting of new buds is the harbinger of a season of “April showers,” shall we say. Perhaps, William Shakespeare put it best when he said: “’April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”