'Exercise, meditation can ward off depression'

'Exercise, meditation can ward off depression'

One should do away with sadistic behaviour to keep mind calm and free from depression, Mayor Kavita Sanil said.

Presiding over World Health Day programme organised by the district administration, Zilla Panchayat and Health and Family Welfare Department at Town Hall in the city on Friday, the mayor said people think of harming others as they are unable to stand their progress nowadays.

“They feel happy in discouraging others. This mentality adversely affects their health and causes depression. Therefore, as our elders have said, we should be happy over others’ achievements to keep a sound mind because a sound mind makes a sound body and vice versa,” she said.

Kavita said there is a need to exercise regularly as physical activity keeps the mind healthy. In her inaugural address, Zilla Panchayat vice president Kasturi Panja expressed concern over Western culture taking over Indian culture.

“People have become introverts and have stopped mingling with others. Even children are being pressured by their parents from a very tender age. Prayers and meditation can help bring down mental anxiety in our day-to-day lives,” Kasturi said.

Suicide cases

Zilla Panchayat CEO Dr M R Ravi said according to National Crime Records Bureau, 70% of suicide cases in India are related to teenagers or elders. Every hour, 15 suicides take place in India, he said.

Stating that depression is the byproduct of modernism, he felt for the need to have a balanced lifestyle. Life is becoming more and more materialistic and emotional bonding is missing today, he regretted.

District Health and Family Welfare Officer Dr Ramakrishna Rao said 10% of the world’s population is suffering from neurotic depression and thanks to this, anti-depression drugs are the second largest sold medication and this indicates the seriousness of the situation. This year’s World Health Day’s theme ‘Depression - Let’s talk’, stresses on the importance of talking about one’s psychological problems, he explained.

District Wenlock Hospital Superintendent and Surgeon Dr Rajeshwari Devi H R, Government Lady Goschen Hospital Superintendent Dr Savitha and District Mental Health Officer Dr Rathnakar were also present. Dr Aruna, Dr Srinivas Bhat and Dr Ravish Tunga also spoke on depression.