Towards EMS awareness

Several II year PUC students are in a dilemma when graduate colleges reopen, as the they have to choose the combinations of subjects most suitable for them. They must choose combinations which are most functional and ones which would benefit them the most in their careers. While there are many combinations, let’s look at one particular combination. It is a combination whose function and utility has been overlooked by many a student. But that’s hardly surprising since BSc EMS (Economics, Mathematics and Statistics) is not available in many colleges.

Science and economics

Economics as a subject which is very useful and is better taught in combination with Science subjects, like mathematics and statistics than with ‘arts’ subjects like history and sociology in order to get the full benefit of the subject. Economics has tremendous scope.
Shalini Pujari, Head of Department of Economics in Mount Carmel College and a senior lecturer for over 25 years, avers, “Due to the nature of economics being a subject which deals with numbers, graphs, equations and functional relationships between variables, it is more judicious if the subject is taught with mathematics and statistics. Since the subject is an intellectual one, in order for students to do well in it, they should have qualities, like having an analytical and logical mind besides having cognitive skills and a quantitative aptitude.” There is another reason why it might be judicious to club science and economics. These subjects, along with mathematics and statistics require similar traits and talents in students.

No MSc in economics

However, students who have done this combination and have been awarded BSc degrees may find themselves in a quandary if they were to come to Bangalore for an MSc (Economics) postgraduate degree, as Bangalore University only offers MA (Economics). If students are really keen about the MSc (Economics) degree, they would have to go to other cities, like Chennai, to avail of this degree.

Baring this, the EMS combination has only more advantages. Suma Singh, a senior lecturer in the Economics Department of Mount Carmel College, reiterates, “When economics is clubbed with mathematics and statistics, students can crack CAT and GMAT examinations with ease, which then in turn promises them better career options. Moreover, BSc (EMS) offers career options, like banking, insurance, financial analysis, civil service, research, equity analysis, actuarial science and academics which are all more useful than a BA degree in economics clubbed with say, history and sociology. In the latter cases, the main career option would perhaps be only teaching.”
According to Pujari, “Awareness can be created through media, workshops in PU college and career guidance cells in colleges. PU lecturers need to be enlightened along with parents since parents influence their children’s career choices.”

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