Oh God!

Oh God!

A few years ago, a film had released in which the main character used to curse God every now and then for his sufferings. One fine day, God appeared and offered him to be in his seat for 24 hours and enjoy all his supreme powers.

The man was excited and readily grabbed the offer. However much to his surprise, he found endless number of messages/mails which were full of complaints, hatred and negativities for God. In the end, he realized how difficult it is for the Almighty to tolerate humans and finally he surrendered to Supreme.

The moral of the story is that ‘Humans can’t be God’ no matter how smart they become. If we closely observe within as well as around ourselves, we would find that almost all of us irritate God endlessly by constantly complaining him or bargaining with him. Just imagine the level of our shamelessness when some of us after breaking a promise made to Almighty, very casually say, ‘So what? Its purely human to forget the promises as promises are made to be broken’. How would this sound if someone betrays us and leaves us in lurch? Would we still be forgiving towards such betrayers?

So, what is it about us that makes us so selfish and what is it about him that makes Him so selfless and altruistic? The answer to this lies in one word - Unlimited. Yes! We humans are limited in our thoughts and actions. But Almighty, who is the ocean of love, is an unlimited source who keeps on showering his love, compassion and blessings on his children though He understands every trick of the book that we humans use against him. But in spite of all our cheatings and betrayals, he remains innocent and keeps on giving fresh chances to us in order to sustain our self-esteem. We carry so much burden of others’ deception, treachery on our mind whereas He  always remains light by just forgiving every sinner and tries to reform him by lifting his self-confidence.

After reading so many nice things about Him, doesn’t it sounds exciting to be God? Just give it a try, if not for a day, then maybe for an hour or even for a few minutes.​