For the free-spirited woman

For the free-spirited woman

In today's demanding times, women like to have a wardrobe with cool and trendy outfits that are seasonal charmers as well.

For the free-spirited woman

From casual wear to hot styles, the brand houses it all. The latest Summer designs are spread across brands like ‘Rio’, ‘Fig’, ‘Teamspirit’ and ‘DNMX’, which play host to unique creations.

From snazzy T-shirts, woven tops and striking denim pants to sizzling shorts, the brand has choices for everyone. Bright colours and floral patterns in free-flowing silhouettes and unique cuts dominate the collection.

‘Rio’ offers vibrant, youthful, trendy and colourful apparel for the liberated young women who like to dress up. It includes T-shirts, blouses, woven tops, pants, skirts and dresses.

Be it a casual evening with friends or for a professional occasion, ‘Fig’ has striking designs for women who are fashionable yet sophisticated. These unique styles will make the customer look both feminine and stylish.

For the casual and free-spirited, the range of cool and fashionable T-shirts, shirts and denims in a wide array of trendy washes and fabrics from ‘DNMX’ work just right, be it for an evening with friends or a shopping spree. These looks are also in tune with the trends of the season. The outdoor range for the adventurous souls, which aims to provide comfort when travelling, is another highlight of the collection.

Apart from that, for the sporty souls, there is the ‘Teamspirit’ collection which is inspired by the varsity lifestyle and attitude. The brand, with their range of T-shirts, track pants, hoodies, shorts and polos, stands apart. It is perfect for the energetic and active women of today.