Yogi joins debate on triple talaq

Yogi joins debate on triple talaq

Yogi joins debate on triple talaq

A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought succour for ‘Muslim sisters’, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also joined the raging debate on triple talaq.

Adityanath on Monday likened the practice to Draupadi’s ‘cheerharan’ (the episode of disrobing the Pandavas’ wife in the king’s court as mentioned in the Hindu epic Mahabharata).

After releasing a book on former prime minister Chandra Shekhar, Adityanath said those who chose to remain silent on the issue were also “guilty” and that there was no difference between them and those who resorted to triple talaq.

“The society will never forgive those who are silent on the issue of triple talaq... they are like the ones who remained silent  when Draupadi was being disrobed. Such people are equally guilty... it is an attack on the rights of women,” Adityanath said.
The chief minister also batted for a common civil code in the country.

“Why can’t we have a uniform law for marriages and rights of women? There should be one law for everyone... it is in the interest of the society and the country,” he said.

The statements came after a two-day meeting of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, during which it rejected demands for abolishing the triple talaq practice.

Women can’t be on lower pedestal: AG
Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi on Monday said the practice of triple talaq should not be allowed as women have as much right as men and cannot be treated on a lower pedestal, PTI reports from New Delhi.

Explaining the Centre’s stand on the issue, the top law officer said there cannot be a situation in a secular country where women of one religion have the same rights as their spouse, but women of another religion, who may be living next door, do not.