'I want to buy an Indian outfit'

'I want to buy an Indian outfit'

Beyond the game

'I want to buy an Indian outfit'

Australian cricketer Marcus Stoinis is known for his pyrotechnics with the bat. The young player is with Kings XI Punjab for the second consecutive time, this season of the IPL.

Marcus cherishes the experiences he gathers from India and the many friends that he makes during the IPL. He also feels that it is a strong faith in his abilities and his love for the game that has brought him thus far.

In an interview with Nina C George, Marcus talks about food, shopping and the other things that he enjoys.   

Your experience with Kings XI Punjab...

I think the team has predominantly remained the same which is good. It also means we are now closer as a group. A few experienced players have been added to the list, especially on the bowling front.

Do all of you get together after every match?

After every game, we make it a point to get together, have dinner and a couple of drinks as well. The members of the team share a strong bond.

How important is it to have a good rapport off the pitch? 

We enjoy each other’s company and hang out together a lot which, I feel, is important for a good win. There’s a positive vibe among the players. So that’s a good sign for the tournament.

When did you take to cricket seriously?

I started out in Western Australia and soon moved to Victoria. I’ve always loved the game and just enjoyed playing with my friends from school. I am very competitive when it comes to sports and was keen to make a career in cricket.

What gives you confidence?

The biggest thing for players is to believe in themselves. You can do all the training you like but you need a strong belief and a technique in place because there’s nobody else that you can rely on apart from yourself.  

Your strength as a player...

I am more of a batsman but my bowing skills are slowly becoming stronger.

Your favourite Indian dish...

I love ‘naan’ and enjoy ‘paneer’ too. I also like ‘butter chicken’, but I go slow on it because we get a lot of it back home in Australia.

Any fitness secret?

I work hard and train even harder so I think it is good to enjoy a sweet occasionally. I watch what I eat but also give in to my cravings once in a while.

Have you had time to go shopping?
Not yet, but I want to buy myself a traditional Indian outfit because I have an Indian wedding to attend as soon as I return to Australia. I am looking forward to shopping in Delhi.