State government welcomes ban on red beacon

State government welcomes ban on red beacon

State government welcomes ban on red beacon
The Government of Karnataka on Wednesday welcomed the Centre’s decision to do away with using red beacon on top of all kinds of vehicles.

“The Central Motor Vehicles Rules is binding on all the states in the country. So it will be applicable to Karnataka as well. But the department is yet to get any official communication from the Centre in this regard,” Transport Commissioner B Dayananda said.

In Karnataka, red beacon is allowed for vehicles that carry governor, chief minister, high court judges and chief justice, presiding officers of both the Houses of the Legislature and ministers.
However, police officers and senior bureaucrats in Karnataka have been using blue light with flasher.

Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy welcomed the Centre’s decision. “Red beacons are not necessary for everybody. The state government has done away with red beacon long ago. The Centre is only following in the footsteps of the state,” he claimed.

He also said he stopped using red beacon light on his car long ago. “I am not using it despite being a minister. I don’t need it,” he stated adding that it is necessary for certain category of officials, including the police.

Water Resources Minister
M B Patil also said he will welcome the Centre’s decision. Home Minister G Parameshwara said he is not aware of the reason behind the ban on red beacon. The red beacons have both advantages and disadvantages, he added.

Law Minister T B Jayachandra said, “The  ban on use of red beacons atop vehicles of dignitaries including the prime minister. We have no option, but to implement it”.