Coldman Logistics opens facility in Bengaluru

Coldman Logistics opens facility in Bengaluru

 Coldman Logistics opened its first cold storage facility in Bengaluru on Thursday, which has seen an investment of Rs 30 crore.

The multi-product and multi-temperature facility offers storage in temperatures ranging from +22 degree to -35 degree celsius.

With a total capacity of 7,000 pallets, will offer storage services to food, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors.

Coldman Logistics CEO Ravi Kannan said, “Being a point of consensus, Bengaluru is a great market. We are in the process of signing on clients in the ice cream, chocolate, ready-to-cook and poultry segments.”

With facilities in Sri City, Delhi, Guwahati and Chennai slated for launch this year, the company plans to have over eight centres across the country by March 2018.