Denied further education, girl attempts suicide

Denied further education, girl attempts suicide

Denied further education, girl attempts suicide
Eighteen year old Shabana (name changed), a student of 12th standard, was determined to excel in education and dreamed of a successful career.

Her parents, though financially capable of helping Shabana pursue her studies and fulfill her dreams, had other ideas. They felt there was no need for her to study any further and wanted her to get married as soon as possible. They also decided to withdraw her from the school.

Shabana's father worked in a Gulf country and earned a reasonable amount of money, according to the reports. Apparently feeling dejected, Shabana, a resident of Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar district, about 500 kilometres from here, decided to end her life.

Shabana tried to kill herself by jumping into the Ganga Canal near Khatauli in the district on Friday. Fortunately two youths, who happened to be passing by near the canal, jumped into the canal and saved the girl.

The girl, who was later handed over to the cops, told them that she had now no reason to live as her parents had decided to withdraw from the school and would soon get her married. ''I do not want to get married now...I want to study further,'' Shabana told the police officials.

The police officials called her mother, who continued to insist that Shabana must be married as soon as possible and that she did not require to study. The police officials, however, asked Shabana's mother to allow her to pursue her dreams and not to insist on her marriage.

Though the mother appeared to be convinced by the logic, the officials remained sceptical if she would let her daughter fulfill her dreams. The girl, however, remains hopeful. The incident was reflective of the attitude of the society toward girl education in the country.