Order on capping movie tickets at Rs 200 likely today

Order on capping movie tickets at Rs 200 likely today

Nearly 300 theaters booked to screen Baahubali 2

Order on capping movie tickets at Rs 200 likely today
The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce announced on Wednesday that the government would issue an order/notification capping the prices of movie tickets at Rs 200 on Thursday.

This comes just ahead of the release of the much-awaited Telugu film ‘Baahubali-2,’ which is set to hit the screens on Friday.

Sa Ra Govindu, president of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, said the ticket price would not exceed Rs 200, inclusive of all taxes.

“The order is applicable to single screens and multiplexes across the state. We have asked the distributors to return the money charged over Rs 200 to customers,” said Govindu.

“We received confirmation from the chief minister’s office on Tuesday night that the notification will be issued on Thursday morning. We will also take action on multiplexes that refuse to screen Kannada films. Also, we will make sure that the screening of Kannada films is not affected by the screening of Baahubali,” said Govindu.

Screening timing
“Kannada films are screened at odd timings by the multiplexes resulting in lesser audience for these films. To tackle this, we have asked the multiplexes to screen Kannada films during prime time. The single-screen theatres will have four shows .

The notification will include these details,” he added.

Manjunath Gowda, owner of Sharada theatre in Bengaluru, has taken the distribution rights on commission for Baahubali-2 in Chitradurga district.

He said, “In Sharada theatre, I have kept the price of a ticket at Rs 250. If the capping comes about, I will return Rs 50 to viewers. I will display a board saying I will return the money.”

However, the refund of money charged over Rs 200 by distributors for advance booking remains uncertain till the release of the notification.