BJP MLA holds bank manager 'hostage'

BJP MLA holds bank manager 'hostage'

BJP MLA holds bank manager 'hostage'

A BJP legislator  held a bank manager “hostage” after the officer refused to waive the loan of his supporter in Bareilly district.

Harish Singh, the manager of UP Gramin Bank at Dalrer Nagar in Bareilly has lodged a complaint in this respect.

He said that Kesar Singh, the legislator from Nawabganj, and his supporters “kidnapped” him on Wednesday.

“The MLA’s supporter had taken a loan a year ago. He has not paid even a single instalment. The legislator wanted me to immediately write off the loan,” the manager said.

‘Signed blank papers’
“They dragged me to a vehicle, took me to an unknown spot where I was kept hostage for several hours and was thrashed. I was made to sign blank papers before being released,” he said.

However, the MLA has denied the allegations. The police said a complaint had been lodged and action will be taken after investigation.

In another incident in Saharanpur, Priyanaka Rawat, the BJP MP from Barabanki reportedly threatened a senior police officer.

“I will have his (the officer’s) skin peeled off if he does not mend his ways,” Priyanka said while talking to reporters on Wednesday.