'I carry my coffee vending machine'

Off the pitch

'I carry my coffee vending machine'

Cricketer Martin Guptill from New Zealand has been married to Laura McGoldrick for two years now. The couple is expecting their first child soon, and Martin says that he can’t wait to see the baby.

The sportsman, who played for Mumbai Indians during the last season of the IPL, has been picked up by Kings XI Punjab this season. He thoroughly enjoys the change of team and feels that every team offers a different experience. In an interview with Nina C George, Martin talks about cricket, his experiments in the kitchen and on becoming a father.    

How is the experience of playing for different teams during the IPL? 
Every team has a different culture and offers interesting experiences. Each of the players is very warm and welcoming.

Do you hang out with your teammates?
Yes. We haven’t done too much sightseeing but we managed to spend some time at the Hard Rock Cafe when we were in Hyderabad. I always carry my coffee vending machine with me, so my teammates and I bond over coffee.

What gives you the confidence to tide over tough times in cricket?
I always like to play cricket for the fun of it. It’s always better to not take the game too seriously. Enjoying the sport helps me focus better.

Which other sport do you play?
I love baseball. If I wasn’t a cricketer, I would have taken to playing baseball in a big way.

Do you cook?
Yes, when I am home. I love experimenting with meat-based dishes in the kitchen. Barbecue is my favourite style of cooking. I also put together some salad to go with the meat dishes that I make. We cook a lot during Summer.

Do you like Indian food?
I relish ‘dal makhani’ because that was the first dish I was introduced to here in India.

What do you do in your spare time?
I work out and try to stay as fit as possible. I also gather a few friends and play a round of golf. This helps sharpen my skills.

We hear you are expecting your first child...
Laura and I have been married for two years now and we are expecting our first child soon.

You must be excited to become a father?
 I am counting the days and we’re looking forward to the arrival of the baby.

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