As long as I am having fun nothing else matters'

Fashion fiesta

As long as I am having fun nothing else matters'

Deepika Padukone may not have been able to impress the fashion critics in the West, but the actor says as long as she is confident and comfortable in her clothes, she is not bothered about the reviews.

The star, who recently received a cold response for her Met Gala appearance, says deciding a look is a team effort and it is not necessary that their choice will always work.

“I think it’s all collective effort, it’s a teamwork. Like, how we work in films as a team, it’s the same.” “Sometimes you might like what I wear and sometimes you might not like what I wear. And that’s totally OK. I am not dressing for you my love, I am dressing for myself. So
as long as I am having fun, nothing else matters,” says Deepika. 

“I have always looked at things as opportunities and what you make of those opportunities. I am sure for Priyanka and me, the opportunity is not about what we are wearing but the privilege of being there at such a big event,” she says.

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